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Kanzen Home is an architecture and technology startup working on a better way to build homes. Affordably and with precision. We combine built goods and software to make living more comfortable, gracious, and secure.

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“It is not that we expect to achieve perfection but that, in the pursuit of perfection, we might arrive at a more enlightened & sustainable way of living.”


The Cognitive Home


I’m at the store, what’s in my pantry? Can I make bacon mac & cheese? And hey, technology, put the groceries away! An app that knows your shelves & a kitchen that puts everything away.

The Kanzen Home


Is it possible to build a home that is affordable, desirable, and sustainable? We are no longer satisfied with a world where 2 out of 3 is enough. We think everyone deserves a well made home.

Fusion Furniture


A blend of Japanese and Norwegian design. Modernist furniture handmade from solid wood in the USA and finished simply with allergy-free materials. Everyone deserves a handmade bed.


Software Engineer

We are always happy to hear from engineers with experience designing, & building large complex real-time distributed back-end systems.

Mechanical Engineer

Heavy structural experience and a full knowledge of best-in-class manufacturing techniques is preferred. This is a role with significant opportunity for growth.

Project Manager

We are looking for experienced professionals who have consistently managed multiple projects across complex and challenging timelines.


All opportunities require excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills and a good sense of humor. Specific languages and protocols are less important than the ability to learn fast and a willingness to pitch in and help out with whatever needs to be done. Interested? Contact us and include a link to your LinkedIn profile. Thank you.